A team of passionate people

Ole Falholt

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Aleksandar Mitic, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Sa'ar Karp Gershon, PhD

Chief data scientist and IT specialist

Carina Lira Gargalo

Researcher Tenure Track at DTU

Laurent Lardon

Process Engineer

Akbar Salehi

Mechanical Engineer

Chris Hammerum

Chemical Engineer

Rasmus Nissen Dahl

Student Assistant

Principles of our work

Customer focus

At BioScavenge, clients come first. We prioritise client needs in our innovation. Our cutting-edge solutions are tailored to exceed your expectations with uncompromising attention. Your feedback drives our work, and your success is our aim. Discover the power of customer-centricity with us.


Innovation defines us. We embrace bold ideas, leveraging advanced tech and a culture of creativity. BioScavenge drives industries forward through relentless research and revolutionary solutions. Join us in shaping a dynamic future through innovation that knows no bounds.

Tailored Excellence

At BioScavenge, individuality reigns. We craft unique solutions for each challenge, blending precision with innovation. With us, your distinct needs shape a bespoke path to success, where no detail is overlooked. Join us in redefining excellence, one tailored solution at a time.