Turning industrial waste streams into value

Tailor-made solutions

The "Lego Principle" of our modular design, makes it possible for our technology to be implemented in almost any scenario, industry or process.

Our Technology

Tailor-made design to suit any needs.

Modular design

The "Lego Principle" of our modular design, makes it possible for our technology to be implemented in almost any scenario, industry or process.

An Industrial Innovator

Our technology paves the road for circular economy in industrial production.

What We Do

Recovery of metals and chemicals

BioScavenge offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions for selective recovery of compounds from large and complex industrial waste streams

Recovery of water and solvents

With our technologies we recover industrial water affluents and solvents such as ethanol, methanol NMP etc

Valorization of organic and inorganic impurities

Our solutions offer possibilities to meet rising demands of energy consumption by valorizing waste into biofuels. Furthermore, our solutions valorize impurities as biochemicals, fertilizers, and various minerals paving the road towards better circularity.

Life Cycle Analysis and Techno-economic evaluation

Alongside our innovative solutions we offer clients insight about carbon footprint reductions and business case expectations.

Financially viable and full data transparency

Most companies aim at polluting less, increasing cost efficiency and recover their waste, yet simply do not know how to. BioScavenge delivers the solutions that help them along. We turn waste into value.

Suitable Applications For Our Technology​

Food industry

Recovery of nutritional ingredients from affluents of food production.

We turn waste into food and water and offer eco-friendly solutions to businesses. Increase productivity and profits by partnering with us. Our team guarantees the best service and sustainability for your business.

Biotech industry

We offer sustainable solutions for recovering water from waste, improving your bottom line.

Utilizing advanced technology, we'll tailor custom solutions to optimize production processes and resources, reducing your environmental footprint. Trust us with your specific needs.

Pharmaceutical industry

We recover API’s (active pharmaceutical ingredient), their precursors and water.

With advanced technology to make your business sustainable, profitable, and eco-friendly, our customized solutions optimize your processes and resources with cutting-edge innovation.

Chemical & petro-chemical Industry

We enable recovery of solvents that are expensive to dispose of. This also allows a reduction in carbon footprint.

Excavation & electronic industry

Metal ions present in waste streams often complicates waste handling. Our solution enables selective recovery of metals while recovering water.

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At the core of BioScavenge’s offerings is our state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly technological solution for industrial waste stream recovery. Our modular design, fondly known as the “lego-principle,” allows for seamless integration and scalability, making it easy to adapt to diverse waste stream challenges.

Effective Resource Recovery:

Our technology is efficient in recovering both inorganic and organic compounds from various waste streams, providing a sustainable approach to resource extraction. Additionally, BioScavenge’s solution excels in water purification, contributing to the preservation and conservation of this precious resource.

Wide Range of Applications:

We cater for the needs of the food, biotech, pharmaceutical, excavation, electronic, chemical and petro-chemical industries. Our technology has gained recognition and demand from clients across continents. Its versatility allows it to be effective in different types of applications, contributing to a significant reduction in environmental footprint for our clients.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to innovate.
BioScavenge is driven by transforming waste into value. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim to make industrial processes more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of waste streams sets us apart in the industry.

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